So what’s next? With a static fire hit to his credit, the heavy Falcon launch looks like it should be on the street corner. Unfortunately, there is always a clash that is hiding on the horizon because the state space repair Complex 40 Launch after the anomaly of the launch pad in September 2016. At a press event in February, the President of SpaceX , Gwynne Shotwell, estimates that the SLC-40 repairs would be completed in June of this year.

Once these repairs have been completed and commercial launches are returned to SLC-40, other arrangements must be made on LC-39A, the pad is used in Florida to meet the requirements of a heavy Falcon launch. According to the red gossip, it will take a minimum of eight weeks to complete the changes.

Although Falcon’s heavy start up is still far away, things are closer than ever to leaving the ground, and it’s really worth being enthusiastic.

Funny tidbit: SpaceX fans are not the only ones excited to see all three sides of the heavy Falcon. Founder and CEO Elon Musk has already tweeted his feelings clear on the subject.

The start of Faraday’s future electric car remained relatively silent since its debut debut at CES 2017 earlier this year. Perhaps this is due to the avalanche of bad press, launch backed by the Chinese continued to receive reports of deep financial problems or the relative anonymity could be only eclipsed by information and optimistic optimist out rivals Motors lucid?

Anyway, future Faraday is back, at least for now, with the appearance of a new species. The company unveiled a short video to celebrate the company’s third anniversary shows its FF91 badge across Southern California.

In the purest style of future Faraday, the company scoffs at quick shots of the mounted Lidar deck and quick transitions showing its 1050 horsepower train, built on a modular VPA configuration, runs a serene landscape of twisty roads and rice

Faraday Futuro maintains its position that construction of the North Las Vegas facility is underway and will be built in two phases. The company had originally planned to build a 1 billion plant for a total of 3 million square feet, but said later that the construction of Phase 1 will focus on a 650,000 square foot facility will be used for the first production the FF91.

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