Prison riot: FIR against Indrani Mukherjee, others

MUMBAI: About 200 female prisoners, including the Sheena Bora murder accused Indrani Mukherjee, have been reserved for riots and criminal conspiracy in Byculla Prison.

The Nagpada police also filed a FIR against six women Byculla prison, including a jailor for the murder of a 31-year-old prisoner, Manjula Shetye, inside the prison on Friday.

The Bhandup resident was serving Yerwada Prison since 2005 for the murder of his sister, and was recently transferred to Byculla Prison.

A murder case has been registered at the Nagpada police station after prison officials have received the autopsy report on Saturday.

The report signed by three doctors – P A Patil, N Kamble P and S Khandare V JJ Hospital – said “evidence of multiple contusions” as a cause of death.

The viscera samples will be sent for forensic analysis.

The six officials – jailer Manisha Pokharkar and guards Bindu Naikode, Waseema Shaikh, Sheetal Shegaokar, Surekha Gudve and Aarti Shingane – were suspended for Saturday an exception to duty after the news spread of Shetye’s death.

On Saturday morning, about 200 women prisoners, including Indrani Mukherjee, climbed onto the two-story prison terrace and demonstrated to death, some of them putting papers, books and clothing on fire.

The Nagpada police, who went to the prison and shot them, reported a case of riots and criminal conspiracy against the demonstrators.

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The inmates have claimed that Shetye died of a heart attack after being hit by some prison officials and did not provide emergency medical care after suffering a collapse she.

Shetye collapsed in the barracks of female prey number 5 (circle number 1) at 17:30 on Friday.

She was taken to JJ Hosptial where she was pronounced dead.

The brothers Shetye Sharad and Anand identified their body in the hospital.

His parents said he was not sick and they were informed that after his death.
A prison officer said Shetye, who spent 12 years of her prison sentence in Yerewada prison in Pune, has been promoted as a prison guard in Pune last month, her request for transfer to Mumbai prison was also sanctioned.

“Shetye was in prison for over 11 years. She was appointed director and her job of maintaining law and order and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations such as the police.

She had access to many places, with the exception of those intended exclusively for prison officials. It is also possible that something happened between her and the prison staff that brought her to slap or more, “said the officer.

Inspector Pandurang Sanas, Nagpada police said: “We have registered a murder case and still record the statements of the people involved in the case.”

A senior police official said the six defendants were summoned for questioning and could be arrested. Shortly after the recording of the murder cases, the criminal branch of the city also began to study death.

There are several CCTV cameras installed in the prison and the research team will take all the images for reproduction during the investigation.

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