New car has Tesla adding to its service

DETROIT – The automaker Tesla expands its service activities and employs more than 1000 technicians to meet the expected demand of its new model sedan 3.

Model 3, cheaper than other Tesla models, is on sale this month and is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of new customers to the brand.

To accommodate them, the company added 100 new service centers in the world over the next year, bringing its total number of service centers to 250. The new service centers will be in the areas with the most reserve holders For model 3.

Tesla also adds 350 trucks to its fleet of mobile services, mainly in the United States. The vans go to homes or offices owners and repair their cars. The vans are equipped with tools and spare parts, as well as a coffee machine, snacks and toys for children.

So far, Tesla had about 30 mobile repair trucks, which were mainly used in cases where the owner lived too far from a service center.

About six months ago, the company began deploying vans in the San Francisco area to ease the load on its service centers and see if they could help meet expected demand for model 3. Customers were happy with the New provision, so the company decided to implement the mobile service in more places.

Tesla hired 1,400 new service technicians this year to train service centers for car and mobile repair.

At an initial price of $ 35,000, Model 3 is approximately half the cost of the other two Tesla models. Tesla has not said how many people have recoverable reserves of $ 1000 for the car. He said he expects to make 500,000 vehicles in 2018, compared to 84,000 last year.

Like its stores, dealers, non-franchisees owned by the company, the Tesla service model is unusual. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that for several years now, unlike traditional dealers, Tesla had no intention of benefiting from services and repairs, partly because electric cars had no need for oil changes. Other maintenance jobs that make gasoline vehicles. US dealers have realized 110 billion in services and spare parts sales last year, according to the National Association of Automobile Dealers.

Tesla said it charges the same amount for repairs, other than the warranty, whether it’s service centers or mobile units. He has not given details about the warranty plan for the model 3, so it is still unclear whether it matches other Tesla vehicles. The Model S and Model X are four-year, 50,000-mile vehicle warranty and an eight-year battery warranty with unlimited miles.

While other luxury brands like Lincoln and Genesis will remove customer vehicles and result in a service center, Tesla does not want cars to go to a service center if repairs can be performed remotely.

The company says that 80 percent of repairing their vehicles, including tire replacement or electronic fault repair can happen without a lift, which means that it is just as easy to get them out of a moving repair van. This leaves the service centers free to focus on the more complex repairs that require an elevator like engine or battery problems.

The system is not perfect. In the owners of online forums, some drivers complained about Tesla’s long waits for service and the inability to use reliable local repair shops because they are not certified by Tesla. Tesla certifies some repair shops in the body when the exterior of the car is damaged, but the stores have a special training to obtain certification.

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