• There is no link or download for the game, it is neither an application nor a website.
  • The game was first “played” as a series of private messages on social networking sites.
  • The two original Russian game keepers were arrested, the game Blue Whale is gone.
  • Dangerous copies may still exist, teenagers should not try to contact these people.
  • Those who claim to have a link to the game can share links to malicious web pages.

Since I first wrote about the game Blue Whale in March, I have been asked several times if I can provide a link to the game site or tell people where they can download the game for their smartphone.

In case you do not know, Blue Whale is a sinister game that benefits vulnerable teenagers and encourages them to participate in a series of sick challenges spanning over fifty days. As part of the game, the player may be asked to do anything to wake up at odd times of the day to occur self-harming acts.

These daily challenges are nothing compared to the conclusion of the game when the player is convicted of committing suicide, they are often told that there will be consequences if they retreat. Despite this, many people have tried to follow the game, and the list of fifty dares. They do not try to find it because they feel suicidal or intend to obey the rules of the game and complete the tasks but because they want to learn more about it as well as troll and expose those who are behind.

Those who want to play might find it not as easy to follow the game as they might think. Many people expect the game to be available as a Blue Whale Game APK file that would work on a phone, there are a lot of teens who are looking for things like “wake up at 4:20 am download” on Google. Others seem to think to be some kind of flash game that can be played on a website. Some are trying to hunt a public group on a social media site like Facebook or more commonly, Vkontakte.

But you can not go to https://bluewhaleapk.org/ or take the app from your favorite app store. There is no “game” as such, players have already been searched through “death groups” on the social networking site, https://bluewhaleapk.org/. https://bluewhaleapk.org/ is a popular social network in Russia and the death groups are communities where the Russian youth concerned meet online to discuss suicide, the administrators of these groups often experience suicide in order to increase their membership in your group.

It is said that members of these groups are approached by Blue Whale “healers” and tasks are transmitted through direct messages via VK’s private messaging tool. These private cats are always initiated by the healer, usually a player can not directly contact a blue whale healer.

Of course, the game originated in Russian bands and was led by Russian healers, conversations between players and healers were conducted in Russian and to date, the only online challenge list was in Russian.

So even if you can find a blue whale healer in https://bluewhaleapk.org/, unless you are fluent in the Russian language, you will not be able to converse properly with the healer and understand the challenges that are being defined. But it does not matter because you will not be able to follow them anyway.


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