on pace to break sales record for ‘Prime Day’ Inc. said on Tuesday that its sale on the first day was on track to be the biggest commercial event in its history with the sale.

The world’s largest online retailer said that customers have ordered more than three times the number of echo family speakers during the first day of 2016, which at that time broke records of Amazon devices.

Third-party vendors have sold more than 50 percent more items on the site by noon (1900 GMT) in the same period last year, Amazon said in a statement.

The company did not release sales figures, either globally or for eco. Analysts have estimated that last year’s event had exceeded 500 million.

The news highlights the growth pace of the Amazon snack as more and more shoppers order online instead of going to the brick and mortar stores. Also highlights the winning formula of the club Primer Amazon Prime, the cornerstone of its business.
Customers had to join Amazon Prime to get discounts for the 30-hour event. Members of America Club pay $ 99 per year for benefits such as two-day shipping, and tend to buy more products, more often from Amazon. A timer indicating expiration of transactions would increase incentives to stores.

Reputed retailers such as Inc Macy and Best Buy Co Inc took advantage of the first Day of Experience pace to launch their own promotions. However, Amazon is often out in the lead. The best buy was 27 percent more per doubling technology products, excluding devices from Amazon, according to lower technology company Boomerang Commerce.

Offers on Amazon by voice-controlled Echo speakers had the promise of indirectly stimulating sales. The devices allow buyers to reorder products by voice command, eliminating the friction of the box.

The buzz of consumers and heavier discounts probably have increased orders for Echo, Echo Touch Punto and Amazon loudspeakers. Amazon offered the echo at half the price in the US, or $ 89.99, versus the 28% discount Bonus Day in 2016.

“The voice-controlled assistant market is hot now, and offering a reasonably priced unit that does many things – and the promise of many more to come skills – Amazon is positioning itself as a leader in this market,” said eMarketer analyst Victoria Petrock .

Beyond shopping on Amazon, people can make an echo to play music, order a Uber or turn on the house lights. Research firm eMarketer predicts that the number of US consumers actively using voice-activated devices will more than double this year to 35.6 million.

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